Coin operated switches (also called “coin time meters”) represent for the operator the ideal solution to charge cost-effectively for use of electrical equipment. To be used for solariums, washing machines or lightings systems etc., the applications are very manyfold.

The meters were developed by company Gruner AG. There are different basic types of coin time meters with numerous variations and many special options are available.

How does it work?

Power is connected after coin is inserted and agin interrupted after certain time period. Hereby the kind of coin and time period can be chosen by operator.

The various types differ in:

ECM 5 bb

Why not charge for the
power consumption?...

Coin operated switches are ideal to use for:

tennis courts w solariums w washing machines w tumble dryer w massage devices  showers w training machines w skittle alleys w lighting systems w television  hairdryer w vacuum cleaner w high pressure cleaners       ...and many more!

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Coin Operated Switch

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